Modular cabinet MAX

This is your opportunity to become a designer. Design a cabinet by combining the modules you like the most. Play with colours, too!

The following modules are available:

  • two door cabinet with dividing shelf, height 51 cm
  • bar cabinet/office box with forward opening door, height 38 cm
  • chest of two drawers, height 38 cm
  • shelf, height 25 cm

Made of birch plywood, oilwaxed. Soft close door hinges and drawer rails. Module width 74 cm, depth 46 cm, legs width 3 cm. Legs height 64/ 141/192/218 cm.

To order modular cabinet MAX please send Your request to

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Riiul kõrgusega 25 cm
Kahene sahtliboks kõrgusega 38 cm
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