Michael Hilgers joining Radis for new furniture collection

Radis Furniture has joined forces with Berlin's architect and independent furniture designer Michael Hilgers, to produce an edition with everyday specials. Hilgers is never interested in the invention of a new spectacular form, he develops new and suitable product solutions and puts the problem to be solved into the focus.

Among other things, the designer is known for his space-saving flexible living solutions that some refer to as methodology of 'pragmatic design'. He has already received various awards. His “Berliner Bock” won the German Design Award 2019 .
With the new collaboration, Radis Furniture seeks to answer the question: how can space-saving plywood furniture enhance global pragmatic needs? Radis Furniture welcomes friends, interior designers and dealers to celebrate this special collaboration.

The first new products with Michael and Radis are Foldable wall desk RADIUS and unique Cornerbed.