The secret world of Radis Furniture’s modern decor - the appearance of a linoleum

To uncover the recent secrets of Radis Furniture, we shall have a closer look of Red Dot Award-winning sustainable linoleum as an environmentally friendly surface choice. Being made of natural raw ingredients that have very low emission, the anti-static & hygienic Forbo linoleum actively resists the build-up of static charges and prevents dust or dirt from sticking to the surface. It leaves no marks from fingerprints and gives individual look & feel.
Radis Furniture has unveiled latest NOBLE collection, comprised of tables,
shelves and sideboards, the pieces are made of high-quality veneer with an elegant and warm touch by linoleum aesthetics to any home or office that portray a minimalist look smoother by a composition of NOBLE collection’s color shades.

Our Forbo linoleum focuses on the role of the contemporary home & workspace, presenting feel, touch, and love. Unique and long lasting vibrant colorways, matt & warm surface and is pleasant to write on. It is renowned for its elegance and durability.
Linoleums tactile properties ensure that every object develops its own
character. Simple elegance you may add. Just a rich Forbo’s heritage, that health and Radis Furniture have in common.