Shelf BOOM

BOOM shelf brings out the inner child of even the most respectable gentleman. Because - let’s be honest - who could resist playing with BOOM shelf construction parts? Boomerang shaped side details hold the shelf firmly together. The exact placement of the shelves you can dictate yourself. A bit like Tetris game, with a hint of lego - altogether as playful as the best moments of your childhood.

Available in 4 versions:
  • TV-stand - 2 shelves 150 cm, 1  shelf 75 cm
  • small - 4 shelves 75 cm, height 100 cm
  • medium - 6 shelves 150 cm, height 162 cm
  • large - small and medium together

The shelf depth is 37 cm, with legs 40 cm. The shelves intermediate height is 30 cm. Made of birch plywood, oilwaxed.

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