Designed for Life

Handmade designer furniture from Estonia

We make furniture that lasts

Our furniture is environmentally friendly and sustainable. We believe that if we take care of nature, then nature will take care of us.

Retro is the new black – HUH


Combine cabinets and shelves – PIX


Elegant and timeless – NOBLE


Workplace at home – HOME OFFICE


Modern family owned furniture studio based in Estonia

We’ve got over a decade of manufacturing experience and stick to a simple promise: to design and manufacture quality furniture for the way you live today. And every day hereafter.

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Eco friendly quality materials & no waste mindset

Our materials are friendly to both nature and man. We preserve nature and avoid the formation of residues during production. Made from Baltic birch-veneer, which is a natural, understated yet robust material. Always finished with an ecologically clean oil-wax.

Elegant nordic design at your service

Our designs are subtle but distinct. We are a family business and make furniture that makes sense to us. Furniture that lasts for generations, not until the next fashion cycle. Our furniture adds character to every home or office. Or home office 🙂

Raul Abner

Self-taught furniture designer who takes fanciful ideas and turns them into practical applied art.

“Wood has been my passion, hobby and work for over 40 years. Although I haven’t studied design, I’ve got an eye for what works. None of my designs has ever been created just for aesthetic reasons. Each piece of furniture has to have a clear function and idea behind it.”


Veiko Liis

Design is the personal (purchase) decision of each person to determine the quality of the environment around him.

“Each person is a designer. With the choice of furniture, each human ultimately designs his/her own surroundings. Choosing a style should be based on an inner feeling and furniture design and appearance should have a deeper symbolic meaning than just being a thing. Furniture plays an important role in our homes. Our home should be just that right and inspiring environment for our every day lives to play out.”


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