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Shelf GRID


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There is something so relaxing about symmetry, isn’t there? GRID is a shelf that has near-perfect symmetry and balance.

GRID comes in up to 4 different sizes which make it suitable for smaller rooms as well as more spacious apartments. You can use it as a room divider, as a bookshelf to add cosiness to your living room, to store your vinyl records or all the necessary documents in your office. The shelf dimensions are 33×33 cm, meaning all the folders will nicely fit. To add some character one of the shelves is kept with narrower dimensions.

Available in four sizes:

3 × 6 – height 95 cm, width 191 cm
6 × 3 – height 200 cm, width 88 cm
6 × 4 – height 200 cm, width 123 cm
6 × 6 – height 200 cm, width 191 cm

GRID is made of environmentally friendly Koskisen laminated plywood, oak veneered plywood and Forescolor-Valchromat (Organic Coloured Throught Wood Fibre Board), oil waxed. The shelf has an 8 cm plinth underneath to fit different baseboards. The rigidity is maintained by the rear walls in the outer corners. The outer sides are attached with dowels and eccentrics, the inner ones with joints.


Raul Abner

Self-taught furniture designer who takes fanciful ideas and turns them into practical applied art.

“Wood has been my passion, hobby and work for over 40 years. Although I haven’t studied design, I’ve got an eye for what works. None of my designs has ever been created just for aesthetic reasons. Each piece of furniture has to have a clear function and idea behind it.”



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Frequently Asked Questions

We obtain wood, prefabricated components and other materials from partners we know and trust. This ensures that everything we put into our furniture meets our standards for beauty and performance and respects both the people that made them and the environment that created it.

All Radis furniture is made from natural birch plywood, also oak veneered, finished with oil wax. We use also HPL (high pressure laminate) coated plywood for table tops. And Koskisen CPL (Continuos Pressed Laminates) for other surfaces . All the plywood we use is CARB2 (free of formaldehyde), FSC certified and is sourced from trusted partners from Finland, Belgium and Estonia.

By making our furniture using only sustainable raw materials, we reduce and limit the environmental impact of the entire supply chain.