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The CORNERBED by the German furniture designer Michael Hilgers transforms an unused room corner into a cozy zone.

The distinctive asymmetrical design with its nest-like shape, even without a traditional headboard, offers the opportunity to sit and read in bed.

At the same time, you do not sleep on the cold wall like in a conventional bed.

Made of birch plywood, oilwaxed, the bed is a fresh, space-saving interpretation of a traditional piece of furniture. In 3 corners there are strong metal legs to keep the bed flowing. The bed also have a support leg in the middle.

The bed front edge height from the bed bottom is 15 cm. The bed base height from the floor is 28 cm. The slatted bed frames made of plywood are also included. Available also with mirror position.

The higher corner height is 69 cm from the floor, the lowest 35 cm. The bed dimensions are 4 cm wider from the choosed matress size. Includes the plywood bed bases.


Michael Hilgers

Focusing on the essentials that make life less complex.

“When it comes to furniture, essentials are the products we really need and love. The stuff that surrounds us shouldn’t be there to impress our neighbours – it should be a part of ourselves. Especially in a time when it is getting rough outside, we need a home that protects us and keeps us comfortable. Living essentials means to have minimalist but unique things which keep our homes simple in complicated times. This helps to make our life feel less complex.”


  1. Elisa, Switzerland

    Everything arrived on Monday and we are still building it. But I thought of writing to thank you, and thank Radis, for everything. The pieces are great and I would have never been able to access this collection without your constance and patience. You really were amazing, and this is making my daily living a dream now. I hope we can continue to work in the future.

  2. Irina, Estonia

    The bed assembly was easy and the bed looks really great!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We obtain wood, prefabricated components and other materials from partners we know and trust. This ensures that everything we put into our furniture meets our standards for beauty and performance and respects both the people that made them and the environment that created it.

All Radis furniture is made from natural birch plywood, also oak veneered, finished with oil wax. We use also HPL (high pressure laminate) coated plywood for table tops. And Koskisen CPL (Continuos Pressed Laminates) for other surfaces . All the plywood we use is CARB2 (free of formaldehyde), FSC certified and is sourced from trusted partners from Finland, Belgium and Estonia.

By making our furniture using only sustainable raw materials, we reduce and limit the environmental impact of the entire supply chain.