Designer Veiko Liis talks about daylight, comfort and home office working space

As many of you may know, Designer Veiko Liis has just re-invented the LIFT-shelf to improve home office capabilities in many ways. Here are some insights, that designer himself has pointed out for a better working environment and we already know – this is just so true.


For the home office try to find the place near the window. If there is direct sunlight and you have to use a computer, you can use curtains. In Nordic countries, the daylight time is really short and most of the time it is also cloudy. In such kind of conditions it is really important to use natural sunlight as much as possible so working near the window is the best solution. During the working process, you need also some rest from working with a computer. You can read books, make notes or just look out of the window. Natural daylight is good for your well-being.

Daylight and Comfort for Home Office

LIFT home-office (photo Radis)

Clean and empty place for working

When you start working in the home office, it is good to clean the desk. Try to find what are those objects, you really need for the next 2 hours, until you will make a small break. The best condition for working is an empty desk. Usually, you need your computer. If you need a pencil or paper for notes, that is fine. LIFT home office has a really small desk, so it is easy to clean it from things you don’t need for this certain moment.

Daylight and Comfort for Home Office

Shelf LIFT  (photo Radis)


You need clean and minimalistic empty space for working but at the same time, you need also comfort. Try to make your working place as comfortable as possible. A cup of coffee or tea, headphones, a warm blanket. It is good, if you can make the situation, you don’t have to stand up from a chair during the next hours and you can concentrate on your work. It is always good if you have some small tables or shelves near you to keep things for your comfort. In the LIFT home office, there are already shelves to keep everything you need during the work.

Daylight and Comfort for Home Office

LIFT home-office (photo Radis)

Thank you Veiko and we hope for your very best working condition possibilities will fulfil their expectations for sure. Since you already here, Radis Furniture will help you get the most out of the 2021 trends. Yes, it’s this time of the year. To highlight all the industry shifts and explores motivations, beliefs and ultimate tensions behind all the opportunities. So let’s start of the foundation and cluster together these underlying patterns of 2021.

A time, when consumers are finding more creative ways to entertain themselves without leaving the house, as people around the world are restricted in the recreational options they have outside the home. As people seek at-home entertainment options we should look more out how furniture adopting consumers constantly changing lifestyles.

Ongoing pandemic has forced them to be more adaptable when it comes to important aspects of peoples lifestyles like fitness. As a result, health-conscious consumers are increasingly investing in high-quality home exercise systems that are able to replicate in results what they once achieved at the gym. As home gym systems include live classes and coaching options, there are ways, you need to adapt your family members time during that period. This means that ergonomic furniture options are no longer just limited to workplace furniture. Furniture that’s designed to optimize users’ health is on the rise as people work from home, sometimes without designated offices or office spaces. This rise of ergonomic furniture is not specific to workplace seating and setups and includes everything from couches to comfortable individual seating options. With COVID-19 making it so that more people are working and receiving educations from their homes, consumers are looking for ways to optimize their homes to best suit their new lifestyles. They’re seeking out adaptable pieces that allow them simple transitions from professional to recreational, in order to best prioritize a work-life balance under unusual work circumstances.


So what else people with hybrid homebody housecoats do

Consumers who understand the ongoing risks to their health, and the health of their loved ones, are still anxious about taking part in the activities that were once second nature to them. Today’s Gen Z consumers are increasingly turning to platforms, services and spaces that expand their worldviews. The first of these is that their exposure to political and social issues has made them critical thinkers from a young age, and so they’re more likely to explore learning options that don’t box them in, and are inclusive. The second source is their social media habits.

Now that at-home shopping has also changed the game. As safety precautions become the norm in retail and public spaces, consumers still want to experience the normalcy that they’ve lost in recent months. Though their previou

s shopping and recreational habits look different now, having adapted alternatives is easier on consumers than having no alternatives at all. It’s people’s only completely safe option, e-commerce is booming. Marketplaces are now included in this shift, with everything from farmers’ to Christmas markets now taking place virtually.

Impact on the environment

Environmentally friendly, biodegradable home and retail furnishings are on the rise as designers and consumers look to reduce their environmental footprint. Everything from beds and carpets to restaurant furniture is being adapted with biodegradable materials. When it comes to environmental consciousness, consumers are increasingly aware that changing minor aspects of their daily routines won’t make an enormous impact on the bigger picture. The larger goal is to shift production and create more regulations for the companies responsible for environmental damage. While they push for this, they still feel a sense of responsibility and look for more ways to alter their habits to minimize their own personal impact–whether that’s reducing their use of straws or finding eco-friendly investment pieces.

Parental support – specific needs during the crisis

To support families amid COVID-19, brands have launched resources to help new parents cope with the challenges of the “new normal.” These range from mental health platforms to virtual parenting communities and seek to alleviate some of the burdens of raising children in the midst of a pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially challenging for parents attempting to work, homeschool, and finish chores while dealing with their upturned lifestyles. These consumers are lacking the traditional, in-person support system many would lean on during this phase of their life, and with social distancing regulations still in place, many are looking to connect with others and receive guidance during a time that may feel especially isolating.

All the best for all of us!