Interview with our designer Vitold Heer during the wonderful summer season.

Vitold is back from little vac. Interview with our designer Vitold Heer during the wonderful summer season in German town Soest by Maris Vahter from Radis Furniture.

Maris: Can you tell us about your heritage of MAZE for Radis Furniture as you would describe it to your close friend?

Vitold: My first encounter with Radis Furniture was in Cologne, at a furniture exhibition. I was fascinated by the simplicity and lightness of Radis designs and collections. I’m a fan of minimalism in design myself, and MAZE’ manages to create the furniture you want with fewer details and no frills.

Radis Furniture designer Vitold Heer collection MAZE

Vitold Heer, designer of the MAZE collection. ©​ V. Heer

Maris: Can you describe where you live and the view from your work chair in the studio?

Vitold: My studio is in a residential area of Soest, very quiet and comfortable with a beautiful view of the neighbouring house and 50 per cent nature, which is good visually. Atelier itself is a part of my apartment and always looks different depending on the order I have. At the moment my study looks like upholstery because currently crafting a model of chair upholstery: there is fabric, leather and foam everywhere. 3 weeks ago it was completely different: I had to make a metal frame for this chair and the studio was more of a metal workshop.

Maris: Where did design begin for you way before Münster studies?

Vitold: When I was still an art student in Kazakhstan, I did several student jobs, mainly in applied arts, but also as a carpenter in a carpentry shop. I and my friend suggested to the boss not only to produce windows and doors but also furniture. As an argument, we naturally showed drawings of future furniture that he couldn’t say no to. So warm the first encounter with furniture design.

Maris: What is your sensibility approach to choosing renewable materials, and what materials bring you the most joy?

Vitold: All materials from nature, especially wood. I also like glass. Furniture made of glass and wood is for eternity, but a good timeless design is important so that people love their furniture and don’t want to trend change and go after a new one.


MAZE collection. Designed by Vitold Heer. ©​ Radis Furniture

Maris: Who, what or where do you turn to for good inspiration?

Vitold: Inspiration visits me unexpectedly, regardless of time and space. it can happen on the train or in bed, then I have to get up quickly and write down the new ideas. I mostly get new ideas when I’m on the go. For example, I take the train to Cologne, where there are many furniture stores and design exhibitions. After strolling through these exhibitions for a long time, a creative process starts in my head almost by itself, without forcing me to create something new. I fix everything on a drawing pad and then process everything in my studio.

Maris: Do designers like you find comfort, where do you start looking for comfort?

Vitold: I sometimes find my comfort in nature while cycling when I’m alone, but sometimes the other way around with friends in the pub. but that has turned out increasingly rare.

RADIS sideboard MAZE 2x4 White CPL

MAZE collection. Designed by Vitold Heer. ©​ Radis Furniture

Maris: If you might have a favourite object of a piece of furniture, what would that be and a little back story about why?

Vitold: My favourite piece of furniture at the moment is a chair by Jean Prouve from 1930 made of metal and plywood. The chair was designed for the factory space and workshops of the proletariat. Today this chair is sold by the Vitra company to very rich people. interesting, right?

Maris: How would you describe your creative process in the mornings or evenings?

Vitold: Mornings are always different. My working day usually starts at the computer, but that’s when I already know what to do. New ideas visit me unexpectedly. I may make a model of a chair and in doing so I get ideas for other chairs or armchairs.

RADIS sideboard Light Oak oilwaxed

Detail of the MAZE collection. Designed by Vitold Heer. ©​ Radis Furniture

Maris: Few words that describe you the most.

Vitold: Chaotic, persistent and irrational.

Maris: Do food recipes from Karaganda capture the essence of your home?

Vitold: I brought a few recipes with me from Kazakhstan, including Plov and Beshbarmak. Beschbarmak is a dish made of flat strips of dough with lamb and onions, is almost unknown in Germany, so it’s all the more exotic for my German friends. But best of all I love Plov and I like to improvise with recipes. My friend from Kyrgyzstan (where Plow is a dish no 1) saw how I do it and after trying it he said: You didn’t do everything the way we do it in Kyrgyzstan, but it tastes just as good as it does here: That was the best praise to me.

Maris: Where do you spend your happy free time and what do you do there? 

Vitold: I have just come from Kiel, where I was on vacation with my compatriots from Karaganda. they are also creative people and we are on the same wavelength. So good friends, good food, pleasant weather and the Baltic Sea, same as in Tallinn: what more could you want? Travelling, cooking, meeting friends, cycling and of course designing furniture.
Maris: Vitold, what brings you joy?

Vitold: Travelling, cooking, spending time with friends, and above all designing furniture I enjoy.

Maris: Thank you once more for this inside-outside interview!

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