Pagoda talk with its designer Sandro Tsivtsivadze

Interview with Sandro Tsivtsivadze from Georgia, designer of our new PAGODA shelf. Asked by Maris Vahter, Radis Furniture.

Maris Vahter: Do you have plants in your house?

Sandro: Yes, my apartment is full of plants. My wife is engaged in gardening at home, in which our children are also involved. Depending on the season, along with the intensity of sunlight, they often change their place, moving around the apartment. My wife exclaims that they like it that way.

Maris: And outside? Is it important to you?

Sandro: Our house is located on the edge of one of the largest parks in Tbilisi, where there are many evergreen plants and trees, so it is green all year round. Greenery gives me peace and energy at the same time. The view from our windows is probably one of the best that makes my wife and me very happy sitting on the balcony every morning with a cup of coffee. In addition, we have a plot of land near the city, where we go every weekend whenever possible and take care of the garden, where there are many trees planted by our hands, different varieties of apples and cherries, pomegranates, almonds, walnuts, plums, berries… as well as several spruces, pines, limes, lilacs. We have a small kitchen garden.

Designer Sandro Tsivtsivadze and shelf PAGODA from RADIS

Designer Sandro Tsivtsivadze and shelf PAGODA © Radis Furniture

Maris: So wonderful! Are then a coffee person, how do you take your coffee and could you give some tips for perfect coffee?

Sandro: Well… I have breakfast first thing in the morning with the children, it is very important to start the morning together. And when they go to school, then we drink coffee on the sunny balcony with a fantastic view. Actually, I am not a coffee person. However, I really like to drink coffee with my wife in the morning, which she prepares deliciously. After morning preparation, we may drink the second cup of coffee, which I prepare. I have to admit that it is not as tasty as my wife’s, although I try it with all my heart (he gives away his secret recipe with a smile).

Maris: How did you start working with Radis Furniture, and how did the project develop?

Sandro: Several projects connect us with Radis Furniture. We have known each other for a long time, but our cooperation took place in the spring of 2023. It was interesting to share and receive experiences. We have a lot in common, our vision intersects in many ways, which I think will create a stronger cooperation. Now we work on the new object.




Maris: Radis Furniture Pagoda shelf has such a distinctive style. How did it come about?

Sandro: A pagoda is a type of religious building in Eastern countries, intended to store sacred objects and relics. Our multifunctional shelf, which can also be used as a desk, is designed to store personal and treasured items. Like our shelf/desk, its construction is very similar to a pagoda structure, which traditionally consisted of an odd number of levels. They are also united by the simplicity and symmetry of the forms.

Maris: Like horticulture. It just comes down to personality. Describe your studio desk or view and how you usually work.

Sandro: My desk is very big, you will find many different things on it. It has its character and in agreement with my character it always looks different. A certain part is occupied by computers and equipment, but the main part is filled with papers and sketches, rolled books, and different types of drawing mediums. I love to sketch and use up a lot of paper. As I mentioned, my desk is very large, but even so, like plants, it often travels to different parts of the room. The same environment is very boring for me, which is why the furniture often changes its place in our apartment.

My design produced by my partner Margo’s company “FUNDUKI”, often multifunctional, flexible, plain, simple, and compact furniture helps me a lot in this. My workspace also has large windows that also overlook the park. It is bright and sunny. I love my workspace, I feel calm and happy there which is quite important for me. At “FUNDUKI” we have a big studio where we do prototypes and design objects, that’s my second space of happiness where my ideas come true.

Radis shelf PAGODA Oak veneered plywood

Shelf PAGODA with oak veneered plywood © Radis Furniture

Maris: In terms of your process, do you have any sort of bucket list?

Sandro: I often get to do what I enjoy. However, there are two things that I have used to do and would love to bring back into my life. It’s more dancing and singing under the shower (he laughs).

Maris: Can I ask, what is the best advice your father has given?

Sandro: Don’t do to others what you don’t want them to do to you!

Maris: Do you work a lot and how do you take time off?

Sandro: Inventing and designing is my favourite process. This is my therapy, so I can’t say that I work hard, but I spend a lot of time on this therapy. In many cases, the therapy process is followed by one or two glasses of wine :)))

I spend evenings with my family and children, we discuss the events of the day, talk about art, create different objects with our hands, play board games, or compete with each other in cooking. We spend Friday evenings with our friends, and on weekends, as I already told you, we go out and take care of the garden. I also travel a lot with my family, both within the country and abroad.

Maris: Where do you find a place for the Christmas holiday and what you will do?

Sandro: In my country, we celebrate New Year more than Christmas. On New Year’s Eve, we meet at home at midnight, then we go out to meet friends at a closed or open event or party, and we give each other gifts. In Georgia, we celebrate Christmas on January 7 according to the old Orthodox calendar, and accordingly, we have a second New Year, which we also celebrate on January 14 according to the old Orthodox calendar. Because of this, our New Year holidays start on December 23rd and last until January 15th. During this period, we go where there is snow, it can be mountain resorts within Georgia or beyond its borders.

Maris: Well, with that period you can restart yourself for the next year’s challenges. How do you satisfy your appetite for good ideas?

Sandro: My brain is always ready to invent something. It doesn’t matter if it’s a hot topic or just a fantasy. Therefore, any image, sound, smell, or memory can become a source of inspiration. However, as a very lazy person (Sandro’s slight sarcasm) perhaps the greatest inspiration and motivation can be the process of simplification.

Maris: Thank you for this interview and of course, thank you for Pagoda!

Sandro: Thank you for such nice questions.

Shelf PAGODA with white HPL on plywood © Radis Furniture





Our Pagoda shelf is like a furniture version of the famous Japanese house. It looks as if it is spreading its wings to rise to new heights. And that is exactly what it is doing – taking the standard of what a stunning shelf should look like to a new height. With plenty of shelf space and a unique design, it will be a crown jewel in any room. The heights of the shelf spaces are 14 and 34 cm. There is also a work surface on top of the middle drawer, which can be used as a pull-out desk for the home office – height 78 cm. If desired, the removable work surface can also be used as a computer stand outside the shelf – for example, while sitting on the sofa, etc.

PAGODA is made of Koskisen 13 mm white durable high-pressure laminate (HPL) plywood and 16 mm oak veneered plywood, oil-waxed. Designer from Funduki, Georgia. Pagoda shelf was born in collaboration with Georgian Funduki with the help of EU4BCC Connecting Companies program.

Radis shelf PAGODA Oak veneered plywood
​Shelf PAGODA with oak veneered plywood © Radis Furniture