Story of the Piece

Once upon a time… The desk and TV stands of Radis Furniture’s HUH collection started a long time ago when a French distributor wanted to order some retro-style furniture. The Idea seemed crazy and so funky at the time – so simply there was no way out of this than to be hooked in the first place. The collection designed by Raul Abner was well received both in France and more over globally.

Encouraged by the initial success, we also exhibited HUH collection sideboards and TV stands at the Cologne furniture fair. The partners in Germany liked the scalability of a new collection and moreover, suggested designing even a wardrobe for the HUH, as it is probably needed in every home as such anyhow. Initially, Raul Abner, the creative director of the HUH, was against the suggestion, but after a long process, he sketched a wardrobe with the same lines and soon afterwards became several products with different widths versions and additional levels. As for today, HUH wardrobes have become one of the best-selling pieces, which have been ordered all over Europe and not to mention even to Australia.

Radis wardrobe HUH 3 doors vertical handles Light Oak doors White CPL

Wardrobe HUH ©​ Radis Furniture

Defining the required amount of doors

Every piece of furniture made is unique. The early habitat of the PIX sideboards has been widely unknown. Originally PIX had shelves, which turned out to be very popular. There were suggestions to PIX designer Raul, that there might be the possibility for a free slot in the collection, which could be for the sideboard. Raul first thought it could be foolish, as then “there are too many doors” he said. After a couple of months, Raul agreed to have a prototype and crafted the PIX 4×4 sideboard first. When it was by no reason why showcased to the, but it was picked up by a new customer who immediately ordered two of them the next morning. And since then, the PIX sideboard has also stood out from others of its kind (one might even say: because of the number of doors) and has been much loved by devoted friends all over the years in Estonia, Germany and France.


Sideboard PIX ©​ Radis Furniture

One answer by designer Veiko Liis

The LIFT shelf was born from the reflection on how much we really need things. In fact, we can manage with quite a little. Books, indoor plants, and small important pieces are perhaps the ones you want to be located in a safe small place. The LIFT shelf develops from the minimalistic desire – less as much as possible. The desire for a little dwelling is embedded in it. At the same time, you can’t organise things completely. When moving into new premises, favourite books or favourite items will gradually sneak into our lives. The LIFT shelf is designed to be beautiful both without and packed with items. It’s a sculptural part of the wall that you can increase/decrease as you wish. Its purpose is to provide enough freedom and space to you and for the items placed there. The LIFT shelf is definitely not storage for things. It’s best to be placed in a sunny room where the rays of light fall through the shelf and change their shape during the day. The LIFT is designed where life is perceived in very different shades and the books have an important role.

RADIS shelf LIFT L with table tops white film plywood

Shelf LIFT ©​ Radis Furniture

Gee, what a chair

GEE plywood rocking chair was Radis Furniture’s first indoor product (editors note: The company started by making outdoor furniture). As it might sound a step ahead, Radis
immediately went to the Cologne Trade Fair and made the visitor’s heyday, they immediately sit and swing there. But as most of the visitors at the fair were slightly lower weight and weight than creative designer Raul, the rocking chair was a bit tilted ahead. When others explained it to Raul, he did not want to believe and refused to make changes to the chair, due to fearing that the ability of maximum swing would be reduced by the needed change. It took a year, however, he agreed to make the needed change. Next years in Cologne felt that more people in Germany also seemed more comfortable and this has seriously reflected in sales. But still, designer Raul remains sceptical about the impact of the changes, however…

RADIS rocking chair GEE with footrest Medium Oak fabric dark grey

Rocking chair Gee ©​ Radis Furniture