Planning a small home

Thoughts and practical tips before furniture ideas to a smaller apartment or living space that will keep you fresh.

The most purposeful thing is to start with an interior design plan, which makes it clear what we need, what style of work, what colours these pieces of furniture could be, what colours come into the room at all. Thus, ceilings, wall coverings, such as wallpaper, etc., window coverings as a whole and carpets and, of course, the floor itself. For our plan to look real, we need to know what can be completed by ordering. We are further interested in the dimensions of these pieces of furniture. If necessary, we will play through all the suitable layout options to get the best solution. We get this solution on the principle that the piece of furniture would offer us maximum readiness during its service and would serve us well, not the other way around. There is no point in furniture that is not good for living in the middle of it.

The interior of an especially small home must be like a tailor-made solution for our needs. There can be no redundant furniture in such a home. The layout should be practical and the design pleasant, so that the small space is complete.

Bedroom. In a two-room home, one of the rooms becomes a bedroom, usually smaller. Larger is the living room. The purpose of the room varies according to how many family members there are and how they use the room for different purposes at different times. It can often happen that you want to do different things in the same room at the same time. For example, school-age children need to study time, and so on.


Radis Furniture cornerbed, birch plywood, white Osmo oilwaxed (photo: Radis Furniture)

For one or another need of life, we need furniture, the difference of which may depend on the distribution and nature of the premises in the home. For example, in the case of a small bedroom, we can generally prefer corner beds that are comfortable and hygienic. In the latter case, there is a need for storage for everyday bed linen. This can be a separate or built-in storage room. We get a more space-saving solution by placing bed linen in the lower part of the bed. It is also good if we can get a room in some part of the closet or you can use a drawer and a nightstand HUH.

Nutrition. If there is no space in the kitchen to eat, space must be provided in the living room. It is usually located close to the kitchen, which facilitates both serving and cleaning. If there is a step or a niche in this room, for example, the seats on one side of the table can also be replaced with a bench. A small table EDI is also suitable for this place. A stand-alone light source, either hanging on the wall or above the table, is generally suitable for lighting the dining area, especially if the table is also used as a work table. In a one-room home with daily dining in the room, you can use a multifunctional table that can be pulled out to full length and is suitable for both a desk and work desk as well as a dining table such as the extendable dining table DINN.


Extendable dining table DINN – white or light grey HPL on plywood (photo: Radis Furniture)

Rest. For entertainment and relaxation, we include a seating and sitting area in the living room, which is an important part of the room’s functions. The location of the sleeping area in the small room is also determined by the layout of the sleeping places because it is formed next to the location of the sofa or the like. We often also need a low support point for a cup of coffee. The NAM coffee table with a waterproof cover, the Noble shelf corner or serving table, the EDI round table or the RING folding wall table and the lamp with the corresponding cover or function for reading or craft are well suited for this purpose. It is also worth considering spotlights, which in different places and at different angles, provide both direct and indirect light, reflecting from the walls and ceiling. Decorative light fixtures, as well as floor lamps, also create cosiness. Certainly can not live without a single comfortable armchair or rocking chair, such as the GEE, it should be missing one. Chairs other than an armchair should be universal in this room and used for any purpose. GoogleHome, for example, is suitable for playing music nearby, which does not have to be within easy reach, but quietly within the listening range. If you watch a Netflix or similar streaming service at home, the screen should be positioned so that we can watch the program or movie without moving the furniture. The soft carpet adds coziness to the living area, emphasizing this part of the room as well.

RADIS swivel table with sideboard Light Grey Forescolor table Light Oak plywood

Radis Furniture swivel table with sideboard FOLDY (photo:Radis Furniture)

Writing. We usually need a functional desk for writing, studying and crafts. In addition to the dining-desk option, secretary desks are suitable for this. A cupboard hanging on the wall, such as the RING wall table, which opens as a desk, is suitable for a schoolboy or an employee in a home office. The closet has stationery and small lighting. At Radis Furniture collection is also a swivel table with sideboard FOLDY. In a small home, storage spaces are often a concern. There is not enough space for clothes, laundry and other everyday items. One option is to prefer the largest, floor-to-ceiling cabinet. It combines so-called departments for everything you need, from clothes to suitcases. Such a cabinet can be located in any room, but must not interfere with the placement of furniture. It is suitable for any niche, aisle or hallway. Radis offers wide selection of HUH and Noble wardrobes.


Wardrobe HUH with 2 doors and extra level – white film plywood (photo: Radis Furniture)

In the living room we need combined cabinet shelves for spacious rooms and more. Cabinets could have variations in both length and height, even up to the ceiling. Preference should be given to closed-door solutions, which are much more versatile. Except maybe bookshelf, where the overview is more important.

Once we have found the necessary furniture items and placed them expediently, a big step toward a comfortable home has already been taken. You can’t forget also window coverings, carpets, home textiles and their colours or achromatic appearance, all of which create mood, cosiness and freshness.

RADIS shelf STEPXS Pebble Grey doors White Osmo

Radis Furniture shelf  STEP XS Pebble Grey oilwaxed, doors white Osmo, birch plywood (photo: Radis Furniture)