When you archive sustainable milestones ūüĆŅ

Reflecting those dearly beloved materials as finesse and subtlety of Radis Furniture

When taking a few steps at a time for climate impact. Climate actions, that will matter are now part of our thoughtful daily routine. To reduce our footprint is to measure our partners’ achievements for sustainable¬†materials, and their CARB2 or E0 standards, which are an integral part of¬†Radis¬†Furniture‚Äô pieces or even collections that create healthier environment standards in our shared world so the future can be greener.

RADIS sideboard Light Oak oilwaxed

Light Oak’ oil waxed. Radis¬†Furniture‘ sideboard plywood detail. ¬©‚Ä謆Radis¬†Furniture

An encounter being part of a recycling

So when recycling comes in? Recycling is converting waste material into a new process. Through recycling, we can reduce the generation of new waste and limits natural resources. The new era of materials is making a path to reduce, reuse and recycle. Few of us, however, will strive to make the industry more sustainable.

Being an example – the coloured through wood fibre board – an evolution with organic dyes and melamine resins. Above all, this comes with advantages. One of them is colour remains, after cutting or machining. It is even so flexible, that it’s easy to repair and doesn‚Äôt need any layers of painting or requirements of glueing edges. This comes as moisture resistant for indoors or protected outdoors as can be used where humidity is a concern, such may be kitchens or even bathrooms, with all surfaces and edges properly finished of course. This exciting engineered wood product Forescolor enriches the world with a solid colour high performant panel with its unique consistent colours, distributed throughout, allowing various solutions in the design concept, for enclosed interior space.


Forescolor in grey. Radis¬†Furniture‘ sideboard ROMB 2×2. ¬©‚Ä謆Radis¬†Furniture

The organic dyes are used, which give a spectacular colour and remain emissions of formaldehyde in limits of European standards for wood-based materials, classified as non-toxic. For this MDF evolution can be used the same kind of finishings as for wood: varnish, wax, and oil for better preservation. And it all comes with an extra Рwhile scratching material, you can fix it by sanding and applying it to finish again. With superficial scratches needs just finishing without the extra sanding. These finest products are great steps to  pursue Radis Furniture work, consisting of homey and ideally suited to restrained designs. Luxurious feel and warm character or even a minimalist cheerful mood. That sheen of quality resonates with you.


White Osmo’ oil waxed. Radis¬†Furniture‘ LOXI sideboard 4×2. ¬©‚Ä謆Radis¬†Furniture

Another green step is our treasure trove of diversity as the use of plywood that also makes us part of participation in combating climate change

As you may know, the laws require responsible management of forests, and a minimum of four trees are replanted in place of, for example, clearcutting. So the trees remain growing at a good pace. This sustainable forestry management is a vital part of our plywood requirement policy. That’s why¬†Radis¬†Furniture¬†has partnered up with Koskisen. Every year Koskisen portion of the wood procurement is 1 100 000 trees. Most of them are planted by contact entrepreneurs and some by forest owners themselves. Wood is a renewable and green¬†material whose characteristics are being experimented with in all directions. The R&D has created new solutions for softwood use. We choose plywood for our projects because of its stability. Koskisen birch plywood also has a robust surface in different white shades which we appreciate. The typical look of a multiplex with visible edges.

Radis bedside table NOBLE

Koskisen white CPL film-coated plywood.¬†Radis¬†Furniture¬†NOBLE bedside table. ¬©‚Ä謆Radis¬†Furniture

Safe¬†materials¬†ensure a full and individual order process, as well as the complete monitoring of the company‚Äôs high-quality standards. With the coated films on birch plywood – every step is well thought out – from the first trimming to the final fine-tuning. Due to our connection to our renewable¬†material¬†source we pay attention to sustainable production with resource-able cycling-saving methods. Dealing and relying on innovative¬†materials¬†that infect versatile plywood when it comes to oak-veneered or film-coated birch plywood in our fit-the-purpose¬†furniture.¬†Radis¬†Furniture¬†values here the long-term relationship and commitment. The well-known oak-veneered plywood comes from our Netherland partner’s finest plywood producer Los√°nNL. All different¬†Radis¬†Furniture‚Äô plywoods are European-made.


Oak-veneered plywood from Los√°nNL. Radis¬†Furniture¬†NOBLE sideboard. ¬©‚Ä謆Radis¬†Furniture