Purchasing this durable bed starts a long-lasting relationship. HUH will withstand all fooling around with your children or partner. The bed is easily assembled and disassembled and is attached to a strong frame. The headrest is appropriately angled for reading comfortably in bed.

Now available with two bedside tables-shelfs attached to the beds legs.

Made of birch plywood or oak veneered plywood, oilwaxed. Available for 6 mattress sizes. 

Includes the plywood bed bases. The bed frame is 7 cm wider than the mattress width, lenght 213 cm, bottom height 30 cm, headrest leg height 90 cm.

The bedside table is 36 cm long, 40 cm high from the ground, shelves inner height 15 cm and depth 23-36 cm.

Collection HUH was nominated for Estonian design award Bruno 2014.

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Price from 499.-

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